Samuel Borroff, LMHC

Samuel Borroff

You're working really hard and things seem fine on the outside, but inside things aren't ok and you feel kinda lost about what to do next? 

You're lonely and depressed because you're struggling to find someone who really gets your nerdy ways?

You're stressed and just salty all the time? Want a therapist who can hang with your sass, your secret feelings of loneliness, and all of your feels about your raiding group? Then I'm the therapist for you. 

Hello, my name's Samuel Borroff and I'm a licensed mental health counselor. I help people embrace and love who they are and create a vibrate and full life. I'm super interested in the unique challenges LGBTQIA people and Gamers face because I know they are actually complex, rad, and brilliant human beings. In terms of experience, I have worked for over 6 year as a mental health counselor working with people in a wide variety of life circumstances and a wide variety of mental health challenges. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, or having a hard time getting over a traumatic experience then I want to hear from you. You are not alone. I'm here to help and am happy to hear from you.

Insurance, availability, rates, and more information can be found at Sam Borroff's website . I am currently only available on Sunday's. I can be reached by phone at 425-689-1790.



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